Arts 4Life Campaign “On The Road To Success”

Arts 4Life Campaign “On The Road To Success”

About the Campaign

People Uplifting People In Life, Inc. or P.U.P.I.L., a 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 1999 dedicated to empowering and mentoring youth and young adults. Providing youth with education, job training, and career mentoring; through music, film, and theatrical production. P.U.P.I.L. also serves the community by providing spiritual empowerment, health education, leadership training, computer technology, and community economic development. In 2010 P.U.P.I.L. embarked on a campaign that is a global epidemic facing our youth called Commercial Sexual Exploitation or Sex Trafficking.
As an arts organization P.U.P.I.L. decided to help with this plight by bringing its gifts and talents to the aid of other organizations fighting this battle. This is how the Arts 4 Life Campaign was birth, through passion and sense of urgency to help the children and assist organizations with their efforts of raising awareness and finances to battle Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC). This Campaign now brings awareness to other social issues in our society and is a vehicle to bring empowerment to Veterans, Youth and Young Adults in the Arts and other Career Industries. 

Mission Statement


The Arts 4 Life Arts-R-Prevention Campaign utilizes the arts and music as a voice for Social Issues within our communities, bringing education and awareness to the global community to help uplift our young and gifted youth and empower veterans who served our country. “Where Words Fail Music and Art Speaks”.  Music can heal, bring awareness, empower, and be a voice for issues like, domestic and foreign violence, poverty, economic inequality, and be a platform for young talent to use their gifts for philanthropy. With a combination of public service announcements, educational workshops, music and artistic productions, along with films and music scores, the Arts 4 Life Campaign is a production tour on a mission campaigning to help and develop solutions to rescue, protect, and restore people’s lives. This Campaign will be documented and show the journey of artists being agents of change and giving back proceeds to youth and young adults in the Arts and to Veteran organizations. The Campaign will also highlight platforms like South Florida Got Talent and Makin It In The Music Industry, all in an effort to empower young people through the arts and preparing them for the workforce.



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