Hero’s Hangout Testimonials

"I work for Inside Out Recovery, in Taos, which is a peer run recovery center. All employees are C.P.S.W.s ( certified peer support workers) who provide aid to those who are going through hardships that are similar to hardships we have faced as peers. We all have experience in addiction, homelessness, mental health issues, and incarceration. I have found Hero's Hangout an asset to the Taos Community and clients I serve. I am the manager of the Taos office and head of homeless outreach project in Taos. I come across many homeless veterans as well as veterans in need. Hero's Hangout has been very helpful in introducing me to Veteran services, that I'm able to connect our clients with. At Hero's Hangout, I've met V.S.O.s who have been able to give me guidance in serving Veterans and I have connected with The Vet Center of Santa Fe, who have been most helpful with client's questions. Hero's Hangout is a welcoming place for Veterans in the Taos community and is perfectly located next to the VA clinic. When I meet a Veteran in my office or when on outreach, they sometimes are not aware of the services they qualify for and are often in need. I tell them about Hero's Hangout and let them know it's a place they can meet up with a V.S.O. or just a place they can go to hang out and shoot pool while they have coffee. I think Hero's Hangout is great and the entire Northern New Mexico community benefits from its presence, I definitely know my clients have benefited greatly from Hero's Hangout".

Tommy Tapia Inside Out Recovery Taos Manager 

Teresa Gonzales is a family member of a Veteran and said she, "Appreciates the Hero's Hangout because times she feels stressed out and gets the opportunity to come she enjoys herself here". She loves the fact she has somewhere to wait for her spouse while he is in the clinic being seen.

Teresa Gonzales

"Ive been visiting the hangout since its grand opening. I especially enjoyed the pre-thanksgiving diner we held last year, where I contributed about $200 in food, it was my pleasure! We fed almost 50 people. Ashley is cool, I wish she had a way to send out texts because most of us don't use email. I would like to stay informed on any events Ashley organizes and works hard to make happen. Im very grateful and happy that the Hero's Hangout is here in Taos"!

Michael Reed

"A home away from home a great place to hang out! A great place to meet up and talk with other vets. Also greatly appreciate the VA services and the special activities that we bring. Love the computer access and is vital because not many have access to internet or the computers".


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